Copenhagen Photo Festival June 1st – 11th 2017

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Really excited to be invited to this year’s Copenhagen Photo Festival 2017 in June as part of the international Censored Exhibition. The Censored Exhibition reflects the latest tendencies within contemporary photography and will form part of The Copenhagen Photo Festival which was founded in 2010. The photo festival helps to raise awareness about, and focus on, photography showcasing Danish as well as international contemporary photography.

Exhibitions will be shown in underground urban spaces and industrial locations together with art and cultural institutions, galleries and photo schools. As a censored juried winner I have been invited over the launch party so my girlfriend and I are flying over to enjoy some Danish hospitality, explore the festival and connect with other photographers and artists. It’s going to be a great chance to also check out Copenhagen for the first time, a city we have both always wanted to explore and cruise around by bike.

Artists invited to The Censored Exhibition here

Adrian Fish (CA), Blør (DK/CYP), Borcher Lomholdt, Carrie & Eric Tomberlin (US), Ebony Finck (AUS), Elísabet Anna Kristjánsdóttir (IS), Erik Jørgensen, Giles Clark (US), Ida Refsgaard, Jake Naughton (US), Jim Johnston (UK), Ken Hermann, Lars Brorson Fich, Lesia Maruschak (CA), Louis De Belle (IT), Mads Kongerskov, Maria Kapajeva (ES), Mark Rammers (NL).

Will be posting a blog post/trip report on our return. If anyone is planning a visit to the festival or has any tips on what to see or do in the city itself, it would be great to hear from you!

Festival programme here

Copenhagen Photo Festival Instagram  @cpf_2017


The Renewable Island of El Hierro

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Working with the wind/hydro energy firm Gorona del Viento and exploring sustainable initiatives on the beautiful island of El Hierro. More images and info within my site here please contact with any enquiries or licensing requests.

Acanthus Magazine – Patagonia

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A Patagonia travel feature courtesy of Acanthus magazine based in Berlin, a publication featuring the best in architecture, style, food and travel.

Isles of Scilly – S Magazine

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Scilly Isles – Issue two of the onboard S Magazine featuring my photography from the beautiful Scilly Isles and a local family who parked up the old yacht on Tresco to play an impromptu game of beach football. As you can see there are in no particular hurry for the tide to return. Doing it right and living the island life.

Format – International Photography Festival 2017

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A quick post about my experience at this years Format International Photography Festival 2017. Running from 24th March to 23rd April 2017 the festival explored the theme of Habitats and displayed work and installations from artists from around the World. Located in Derby, its easy to walk around the various exhibition spaces or check out various talks such as the Format17 Conference which included high profile speakers such as Martin Parr and Sheng Wen Lo. I had booked myself in for four portfolio reviews in the morning and so spent the afternoon exploring festival in the afternoon. I had time to check out WW Winter, the oldest running photographic studio in the UK and enjoyed all the work on display, especially that of Magnum Photographer Sohrab Hura.

The portfolio reviews last about 20 minute and are conducted by industry experts such as photo editors, freelance curators and gallery owners. This being my first portfolio review at a festival, I asked a few experienced artists before the sessions started what I could expect and they recalled exciting stories of photographers crying, slamming down portfolios, swearing and heated arguments. Heading in I was ready for anything! There was none of that excitement of course and everyone I met was super positive and encouraging. I was made to feel very welcome and it was actually quite alot of fun. I made some good connections and had plenty of interesting discussions with other reviewers and photographers later in the day.

It was great to be able to talk about your work to new people but it can be fairly draining, especially with back to back reviews. Four to six reviews felt like a good number of people to meet and I would not of fancied eight in a day which some people managed to cram in.

I would recommend the portfolio reviews as an opportunity to meet new people and really think about how you present your work to people who are often short on time. There is not the space or time to ponder over each image in detail or display lots of prints, it felt more about who you are and what you are doing as a photographer. That said, I would suggest having all your best work at the front or work out a way to present it all together in a straightforward way. I had a portfolio of A3 prints but some people there had boxes of huge fine art prints, ipads, laptops and beautifully published hardcover books. To really get the most out of the day, regardless of how you present your work its important to give plenty of space to listen and ask lots of questions of the reviewers and people you meet.

More info on the Festival and WW Winter Photographic Studio here.

RBSA Photographic Prize 2017 Exhibition

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Very pleased a landscape from my series in Patagonia has been selected by jurors for this years Royal Birmingham Society of Artists (RBSA) Photographic Prize 2017 Exhibition. The exhibition runs from 16th Feb – 11th March at the RBSA gallery located just off St Paul’s square in Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter.  Print sales are available through the gallery

Silicon Gorge – Audiogum – Bristol

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Steve Robbins (Co-Founder and CTO) & Mark Wheatley (Co-Founder and Head of Product Design) – Audiogum

Aboard the legendary music venue Thekla, I was joined by Steve Robbins and Mark Wheatley, co-founders of new start up Audiogum. In between us exploring the boat and chatting music and bands, I learned about the guys backgrounds and they enlightened me on their new companies mission to change the shape of connected audio experiences.

Tell us about what your company does? 

MW: We’re making a platform that allows connected devices to access streaming music in new and interesting ways. We haven’t launched yet and can’t say too much but we are really excited about where we are going and can’t wait to get our work out there.

Why Bristol?

MW: We met when working at one of Peter Gabriel’s old tech startups. He was based in the area and so Bristol it was. Now we are here, I don’t think either one of us would want to live and work anywhere else. The energy and creativity in this city is unbelievable.

What makes you most proud about Audiogum?

SR: We assembled a great team that had largely worked together before and were able to be very productive from the start. We’ve all learnt a lot from previous jobs and have reduced meetings and other overheads to an absolute minimum.

What do you love the most about technology?

SR: What I love about technology is its ability to simplify and create new things. MW: I love the endless possible futures it points towards. I love the fact it has the potential to make peoples lives better. Of course, it can also make peoples lives worse!

What piece of advice would you give to a new start up?

SR I would say trust and openness are essential. MW: Yes, absolutely. Make sure you are working with people you really like. It can be a high pressure environment so it’s going to test those relationships to the max. And it’s got to be fun. If it’s not fun, what’s the point?

Thanks guys, good luck with the new venture.

Thanks also to the Thekla crew.

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Silicon Gorge – Ultrahaptics – Bristol

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Tom Carter (Founder) & Steve Cliffe (CEO)  – Ultrahaptics,

Tom Carter and Steve Cliffe are Founder and CEO respectively of Ultrahaptics, a technology company that uses algorithms and an array of ultrasound emitters to allow people to feel and manipulate virtual objects. Upon signing a non-disclosure agreement and passing security, I was welcomed through the company’s sleek Temple Quarter head office and into the Ultrahaptics engineering lab. Tom and Steve enlightened me on the possibilities of haptic feedback technology and why they chose Bristol.

What does your company do?

SC:  Ultrahaptics lets you feel things in mid-air that are not really there. Anything from virtual shapes, buttons, switches and dials can be created. Paired with a VR headset, these sensations can allow you to feel virtual worlds, or you can use the sensations to make invisible buttons in mid-air to control everything from your TV to your car radio. To do this, Ultrahaptics uses ultrasound. We use a matrix of tiny ultrasound speakers that produce sound at a frequency too high to hear, but when we combine the soundwaves together, we can create a force that vibrates the surface of your skin so it feels like you are touching something.

What really inspires you about living and working in Bristol?

TC:  The combination of creativity and technology in Bristol is hard to beat anywhere in the world. With a massively active grass roots music and arts scene, and a legacy of engineering and technology, Bristol is home to real ecosystem of technology companies who have a creative approach to problem solving. Perhaps ecosystem isn’t the right word, community would more accurately describe Bristol’s attitude to collaboration and supporting one another. I love living in a city in which I can easily cycle from one side to the other, but if I want to, Cornwall is only a couple of hours away and London’s a hop on a train.

What do you love the most about technology? 

SC:  Its endless ability to adapt and develop. Just when you think something isn’t possible, BAM, somebody goes and does it. We walk around now with everybody having a world full of information at their fingertips and we swipe on glass to get at it. 20 years ago, that was a pipe dream. I’m excited to see what we’ll have 20 years from now.

What piece of advice would you give to a new start up?

TC: Find a network that suits your business. We went into the SetSquared Incubator out of the University where we were able to get the support to grow quickly. We’ll be over 100 people next year thanks to the support they gave us in the early days, helping us with legals, marketing, building a board and everything in between.

Thanks to Tom, Steve, Heather, Victoria and David @ Ultrahaptics

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